Black pants, black jacket…These are to corporate for me!:) This look needs some color, isn’t it? Coral color? It’s ok:) Don’t forget smiling:) We are ready for a long working day!:) Siyah pantolon, siyah ceket…Bunlar benim için fazla kurumsal!:) Hemen biraz renklendirelim mi? Mercan rengi? Bence ok:) Gülümsemeyi sakın unutmayalım:) Uzun bir iş gününe hazırız!:) […]


Cashmire scarfs, berets and pine trees are the typical icons of December! On the days that we started countdown for 2014, I am living my own self-criticism. What I did this year, what I want to change in 2014, my concerns, my hopes, happiness, depressions, etc… Actually I see that everything we lived is an […]